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Keep your cash flow strong by making deposits at a nearby ATM and having them processed immediately, 24/7.

  • Make deposits at any of our convenient ATM locations
  • Deposit up to 50 checks or bills in each deposit
  • The option of having the images of checks deposited on the receipts
  • Build your balance quickly and easily
  • Recognize funds sooner; deposits processed immediately
  • Save money on gas with multiple ATM locations
  • Bank on your schedule; ATMs accept deposits 24/7

Depository ATM Locations

Find a depository ATM near you! See our locations page for a list of all of our ATM locations.

  1. Insert your City National Bank Visa® ATM or debit card.
  2. Select language (English or Spanish)
  3. Enter your PIN (personal identification number)
  4. Select "Deposit"
  5. Select Checking or Savings (account to which deposit is to be made)
  6. Enter deposit amount
  7. Would you like a receipt? (Yes or No)
  8. Take your receipt

It’s that easy!