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Keep overdraft fees away by never having them at all. This account gives you a line of credit up to $1,000.

Key Features

  • Line of Credit
  • Earns Interest
  • Digital Banking
  • Checking with a line of credit up to $1,000, available to existing customers who have banked with us for 96 days or more
  • Earns interest (compounded and credited monthly)
  • Never have an overdraft fee (“return all account”)
  • $14.95 monthly service charge (after 1st monthly statement cycle)
  • Free digital banking services
  • Free Mastercard® debit card
  • Free telephone banking
  • Mobile payments available
  • Instant ATM deposit
  • Makes you eligible for a fast loan via Minute Lender 
  • $100 minimum deposit to open

For additional details, see our full PaySmart Checking disclosure (PDF).